Amii Grove Checks Out

Big THANKS to Amii for taking time out to answer a few questions for the website.


Get a glimpse of Amii in 'Amii Grove Checks Out':


Q1. If you were a darts player, what would be your walk on tune? Ermmmm gonna have to think of a good one....I'd have Artic Monkeys - When the sun goes down (Scummy) - cause gets me in a hyper mood.  - (quality choice -!)

Q2. If you were a biscuit, what would you be? If I was a biscuit I would be a Hobnob. Cause I act a bit of a nob at times and be the joker. Don't know what the 'Hob' would stand for though - ha! (answers on a postcard). x

Q3. If I were to borrow your car right now, what CD would be in the stereo? Drake :)

Q4. What is your party piece? Lolll guess it would be my lipgloss to plump up my lips, I'm a pouter! x!!

Q5. Do you have any strange phobias? Have a bad phobia of wasps, just found out got a nest in my roof so you can imagine my excitement lololll...

Q6. Are you any good at darts? What's your favourite double? I am pretty good at darts actually. Fave is double 20 obviously for most points or a double 2. I like throwing. - (I have a dartboard in the garage?? -

Q7. Whats your most pointless purchase? Most pointless purchase would have to be expensive bags. What a waste of money when can get a free one at Tesco ;) hahaha

Q8. 'DIY' or 'Get someone in?' DIY. I defoooo give it a go myself. I love it. I wanna tile my bathroom but mum reckons I'll make a mess of it.

Q9. What does the most recent text message in your inbox say? Do you wanna go out for Chloe Saxons Birthday haha???

Q10. Whats your favourite curse word? I call everybody nob sack Lolll. I don't know where I got that from.

Q11. Do you have a nickname? What is it? My Mum and everyone called me 'Grovey' which I don't mind lol. Suppose its my last name, but feel like a bloke with someone shouting 'Groveyyyyy' down the road!

Q11. Single or Hitched? I am happily single. Mr right hasn't been in sight yet. Can someone fire cupid please? lol