Rhian Sugden Checks Out

Big THANKS to Rhian for taking time out to answer a few questions for the website.


We aim for "Double Top!" in 'Rhian Sugden Checks Out':


Q1. If you were a darts player, what would be your walk on tune?
Barbie Girl haha... it kind of fits.

Q2. If you were a biscuit, what would you be?
A Custard Cream... Quite hard on the outside with a nice soft and squidgy middle.

Q3. If I were to borrow your car right now, what CD would be in the stereo?
Currently playing is David Guetta's album, off to Ibiza in 2 days so im getting in the swing of things now.

Q4. Do you have any strange phobias?
I can't touch things made of rope, or similar material, I find it an absolute nightmare to tie laces on some shoes... because I cant touch them for too long without my hands feeling funny, weird huh?

Q5. Are you any good at darts? What's your favourite double?
*hangs head in shame* I have never played darts.

Q6. DIY or get someone in?
Oooo I'm going to say get someone in.

Q7. What does the most recent text message in your inbox say?
Had the weirdest dream about you last night...

Q8. What's your favourite curse word?
Not really that bad of a word but I use it most often... Knob

Q9. Do you have a nickname? What is it?
Not many people can pronounce my name properly, so I get Ian or Suggers

Q10. Single or Hitched?
No comment ;o)

Can i be really cheeky and get a plug in for my 2011 calendar too :o) haha...

Many thanks


"Thanks again Rhian! Check out the 2011 calendar on the following link!" - walkongirls.co.uk