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Interviews with your fave babes...


As this website gathers momentum (having received over a million visits so far), I figured it was time to add a new and exciting element to the website - 'Walk on Girls - Checked Out!'


I've made it my mission in life to contact as many of the girls as I can (purely in the name of research - of course!) to ask them a few probing questions.


This 'Walk on Girls - Checked Out!' page features the interviews I've been lucky enough to conduct, giving you a glimpse of the walkongirls personalities away from the stage.


So far I have managed to get questions answered by the fabulous Jessica Berry and Jess Simpson, lovely Erica Wild, favourite Jacqui Adams, stunning Nicola Cowell, Belfast walkongirl Claire Louise Lambe, new walkongirl Hollie Robinson and page 3 pinups Rhian Sugden, and Amii Grove.


Click on the photo's above to access the interviews so far...



Walkongirls - Get in touch !!!


If you have been - or still are - a darts walk on girl and are happy to answer a few random questions, please . I know your fans are dying to know more.